The Social Order

Alternative from Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Alternative Rock Trio from Edinburgh. Smooth melodic guitars, stupendous drum beats, electrifying bass lines with excellent lyrics


Sam Morris - Guitarist/Vox
Raymond Taylor - Bass
David Bellingham - Drums


TSO started back in August of 2013, Sam, the founding member of the group was performing around the pubs and club scene of Edinburgh. He released his first solo EP early in 2013 and during promotion work on local radio stations, he announced he had began his search to start up a new band.

First stop for Sam was trusted friend and drummer Dave Bellingham. Sam describes him as "sensational" and that even during gigs and rehearsals he gets "amazed" at his ability and drum style. At that time Dave was into quite a few musical projects but thankfully he decided to join TSO and they started working on material.

A bassist seemed a much harder thing to come by, and being a bass player in an old band, Sam thought if they were going to try recording some material he would have to do both until a name come from nowhere. Raymond Taylor, a musician they had both worked with in previous projects. He like Dave was in other musical projects but hearing the material he decided he wanted to be bassist and The TSO really started to take shape.

While TSO were busy perfecting there sound, they got in touch with a music studio in Edinburgh called Verden Studios. Who along with other music companies have a demo project every year to help up and coming musical artists and bands. That demo is due for release February 2014.


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